Electrolysis + Ionization

Since many years ago pool´s professionals knows that water treatment of a pool is not limited only to the addition of chlorine. To obtain an acceptable quality of water must be added floculants, anti-algae and winter products.

25% discountElectrolysis saline BIONET systems are not limited only to generate chlorine with a saline electrolysis, besides they incorporate a system of floculación and anti-algae that permits, now finally, to eliminate the chemical products for the swimming pool water treatment. The BIONET contributes a new concept for the processing of your pool, improving the quality of the water, avoiding the manipulation of chemical products and simplifying the maintenance tasks.

SanaPool Salt Electrolysis + Ionization

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In slightly salty water (between 2 and 30 gr NaCl/ liter) generates hipoclorite automatically for disinfection of water. It incorporates the ionization of Copper and Silver in the same electronic box , the principle of operation is based on the capacity of the copper (Cu++) and the silver (Ag+) as floculant and antibacterial agents that utilized jointly with the saline electrolysis they achieve an integral water processing of chlorination-floculación without chemical products.
Anti legionnaire's disease system.

swimming pool chlorinatorsBIO-16: Electrolysis 16 g/h and 2 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 65 m³
salt water pool chlorinatorBIO-22: Electrolysis 22 g/h and 4 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 110 m³
salt electrolysis for pool water treatmentBIO-33: Electrolysis 33 g/h and 6 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 200 m³
swimming pool chlorinatorsBIO-50: Electrolysis 50 g/h and 8 electrodes Cu/Ag for pools up to 300 m³

Options (both recommended):
• Measurement and control of pH of the water (electromechanical pump + probe)
• Measurement and control of REDOX (Measurement of oxidation of pool water and controls functionality of salt electrolysis)

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