Ultraviolet + Electrolysis

The UVscenic system comes with models that incorporate a low concentration (from 1,5gr NaCl/l) salt electrolysis to the Ultraviolet treatment in the same electronic box.
This combination achieves a water disinfection process of chlorination-flocculation and algae elimination without chemical products.

25% discountAdding a low concentration salt electrolysis does enormously increase the efficacy of the UV-C radiation, permitting that the antibacterial and algaecide power of the ultraviolet system can be completed by the chlorine generation of the electrolysis system, acting perfectly together in a natural cycle and free of any addition of chemical products.

SanaPool Ultraviolet + Salt electrolysis

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The Ultraviolet system submits UV-C radiation with a wave length of 253,7 nanometres to the water, produced by a special lamp.
This radiation neutralizes the bacteria’s, virus and other primary organisms detaining their reproduction. With this system we reduce the consumption of chlorine or other oxidizers up to 80 %.
The new UVscenic system generates the necessary hypochlorite with the included low salinity salt electrolysis (from 1,5gr NaCl/l) for a perfect disinfection of the water without the addition of any other chemical product.

swimming pool chlorinatorsUV-1: 2 UV lamps of 55W for pools up to 100 m³ (only UV!)
salt water pool chlorinatorUV-16: 2 UV lamps of 55W and low salt electrolysis of 16 g/h for pools up to 65 m³
salt electrolysis for pool water treatmentUV-33: 2 UV lamps of 55W and low salt electrolysis of 33 g/h for pools up to 200 m³

Options (both recommended):
• Measurement and control of pH of the water (electromechanical pump + probe)
• Measurement and control of REDOX (Measurement of oxidation of pool water and controls functionality of salt electrolysis)

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